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Simplified with just a few easy-to-understand rules, Traffix can still be overwhelming and satisfying!

The highway has always been a chaotic, stressful and exhausting place for many drivers, but no one can avoid it, especially when you're traveling close to major cities like Paris, Tokyo, Istanbul and Las Vegas. . How would you feel if you were given control of traffic lights? Make sure the drivers move safely and keep the traffic rhythm steady! The right to 'kill' is in your hands!

Street rioting around the world! Repel traffic jams and accidents!

Key features:
The rules of the game: Click the traffic lights at the right time to change the light color, controlling the traffic rhythm. The traffic light has 3 colors as usual, green yellow and red.
Simplification: Cars, buses, vans are available in almost every city in the world. There are cities with trucks, trains, and even airplanes. Make sure vehicles do not have collisions.
Relaxation: Traffix doesn't ask you to think too stressfully. Each city will bring you a different experience and help clear your mind.
Challenging levels: Overall, Traffix is ​​simple and straightforward, but there will be a few cities that make you a little bit more brain-tinging! Just a little accident is an accident immediately.

Everyone hates moving on busy roads. Even if there are only a few vehicles like the Traffix.
It's time to quash chaos and bring rhythm to the street.

With Traffix, you are in control of, managing traffic on highways. Each city will have its own type of chaos and character. Click the traffic lights at the right time, you will be able to control the rhythm of the traffic movement on the road and keep the drivers from losing their temper.

It is important not to make drivers wait too long, they will lose their temper and go crazy. You understand that feeling, right?
Besides, please ensure the vehicle flow is moderate or there will be an accident!
You have to wait for the right moment to click the signal lights and direct the vehicles to their destination.

By default, the traffic light will be red. Wait for the right moment to turn the yellow light and let a car go. When the road is empty, click 2 times to turn green!
You will quickly understand the mechanics of Traffix thanks to its simplification and hints.

The rules are simple:
Red light: All vehicles stop. The driver who waits for a long time will lose patience leading to a temper.
Yellow light: One car is allowed to go. Then the light automatically turns red. Using a yellow light for the car is safest.
Green light: Double click to let the signal light turn green. All vehicles are allowed to move. The green light is most likely to cause an accident.

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